Welcome to Kouki Acupuncture Clinic

For those who want to enjoy their daily life,without the help of medicines,and seek causal treatments rather than symptomatic treatment.


Acupuncturist :   Koichi Nakamoto


Our treatment corrects the imbalances of the flow of energy(Qi),and improve the circulation of energy,blood and water all over your body.

 We do not puncture your skin with needles with the acupuncture treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine.


What we treat:


cold feet and hands


low back pain

shoulder stiffness

cholic baby

eczema for kids and baby

unexplained diseases



052Pulse diagnosis





Are you looking for a good acupuncture clinic in Iwakuni?

We have an English-speaking staff member,Ms Kazue,at our clinic.

So far,many patients have been satisfied with our treatment,and English-speaking patidents visit us regularly,

If you suffer from pains,diseases,or other disorders,please try our treatment.

Please email to kouki.hari@gmail.com for your appointment.

(If you want to cancel/reschedule your appointment,please give us a call or email at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival.)


Call      0827-41-1334

email   kouki.hari@gmail.com


Our goal is support your healthy life-style and well-being.

Thank you.



Treatment Fee


Initial visit fee                                             1,000yen

Adult                                                            5,000yen

High school students and younger              3,000yen

Elementary school students and younger   1,500yen 



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   Address : 4-8-2,Nishimi,Iwakuni-shi

     Open      :  am 9:00-11:30  pm 14:00-20:00

     Close      :  Sunday and Japanese National Holiday




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